Hank live at The Yeti

Here is a video of a Hank solo performance at Kitchener's premier hotspot The Yeti. A version of this song will appear on the endlessly rumoured album Hank Play Rave Anthems of the 1990s.


Go on, do buy 'The Luck of the Singers' by Hank (Blocks Recording Club, 2009) - strictly limited vinyl edition, sleevenotes by Bentley Arthur, includes the hits 'Exclusive Plot', 'My Black Year (My Black Bottle Of Beer)' and more, reasonable price, includes download, etc.


New Hank LPs still not finished

But they're getting there. They really are.


We have updated Weeping Truckers after a year's absence! And what have we achieved in that last year? A positive mindset. A few nearly final mixes by Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub). Vague talk about actually releasing the albums (is that an achievement? It will have to do.) A couple of videos. Non-professional music projects take a long time. We know you understand. Thanks for sticking with us.

The track listings for the soon-to-be-simultaneously released Hank long players, numbers 4 & 5 (subject to alteration):

Showers Of Happiness - 1. Four Questions 2. She Is The Ball Rolling 3. They're All Corrupt 4. Border between me and my brother/Welcome To Wales 5. Act It Out! 6. Descendants Of Michael 7. Raggledy Road 8. Sugar Mound 9. Open Station, Lines OK 10. Underneath The Paving Stones, The Beach 11. You Never Really Let Go Of The Past 12. John's Gone 13. You Sound A Bit Down 14. Commentators


Hank Play Rave Anthems Of The 1990s - 1. Do You See The Love In My Eyes? 2. Entering Lush House 3. Career Outta Diplomatic Bag 4. Anthem 5. Give It Mousehouse 6. Why Are You Smiling? 7. The Lights Inside 8. Exiting Lush House 9. Everybody, Everybody

All songs written and produced by J.C.Singer with the exceptions of Anthem and Everybody, Everybody.

We may be releasing them, like our other albums, with Blocks Recording Club but they don't return our calls anymore so it may just be a self-released bandcamp/limited CD-R double-disc thing.

Thanks for your support! Really!

Links to those we love

Have a gander at these WT-approved sites. You've got some time, doncha?

Learn to Swim - Tons of free, downloadable gems. A must for fans of Radiophonic Workshop, Ghost Box, electronica, etc. Also featuring the entire recorded output of pre-Hank Cab Williamson project Cab Williamson's Waxworks. But best to avoid that and concentrate on the rest of the site, wethinks.

Blocks Recording Club - They have very kindly put out all three Hank LPs. Maybe they will put out some more.

Gnomebody Gnomes - Kitchener, Ontario's premier hippyster female duo featuring the irrepressibly talented Krista Blake and Victoria Kent.

Ye Olde Syrup Shoppe - The most excellent Victoria Kent (see above) has also finally unleashed her wondrous pop songs.

ubuweb - Bloody amazing selection of avant-garde stuff

George Michael Twitter feed - The only reason to be on Twitter

Steve Albini's blog about the meals he makes

Chart Stats - Incredible resource for UK chart obsessives. Makes the Guinness Book of Hit Singles look like a photocopied pamphlet.

Rave Generator - Old skoooool!

Pulsate - Listen to the circles

Oblique Strategies - A little pick-me-up should you be staring with despair into the void

Popular - Brilliant reviews of every UK number 1 single (for fans of Chart Stats)

Trunk Records - Lovely jubbly

Hank music featured in acclaimed online Catalan animation series "Arròs cavat"

It's true. See for yourself. Hank music features in episodes 3, 7, 8 and 12.

Hank music also featured in Sook-Yin Lee's feature film 'Year of the Carnivore'

Or specifically, the song Distraction from 2009's premier pop obscurity The Luck of the Singers. Film website link.

Weeping Truckers EXCLUSIVE - New Beatles LP!

We are thrilled to announce that Weeping Truckers has obtained the rights to the highly sought after cassette-only release by Glaswegian combo The Please Please Love Me Do Long Long Long's featuring such classics as I Want to Fuck Your Hand, And Your Bird Can Fuck and Fuckia. Watch this space.

It is impossible, therefore it is not

It is not, because it is impossible. It is, therefore it is possible. If it is, it cannot be impossible. (with apologies to R.D. Laing)


About Weeping Truckers

WT is a creative outlet, mostly masquerading as an olde thyme record label, run by a man called Jeremy Charles Singer who appears in various projects, including Hank and Sir Clement.

For a full list of recordings by Hank, please go here. A more complete discography will appear once we have vetted all the potential interns.

Comments and donation offers here: info@weepingtruckers.com


Thanks to Michael Corrin for writing some code for this page. Otherwise, it would be an incoherent jumbled mess. What's that you say?

Why Are You Smiling?

So many people are sitting around me, I will lay myself right down enveloped in body warmth. I look around, I see your smiling faces looking at me. My sister holds out her hand. She says, “Let’s go and jump on the trampolene, we can bounce up and down.” We can bounce up and down. We take our shoes off and run to the back yard, climb on up to begin.

And when we’re bold we increase in size, when we are open, we will be wise. The smiles on our faces are our disguise.

In the inner reaches of outer space we are never home .

Sir Clement - Can't Count Corn E.P. is available for free download (see below). Also, here is the critically-acclaimed promotional film for the eponymous number.


Download Can't Count Corn E.P, as a 3-song zip file right here.

Or, if you are picky, you can select the individual numbers:

1. Can't Count Corn - Chorus: I can't count corn I can't count corn I can't count corn I can't

2. You Fetter It - Chorus: Yooooooou fetter it! Yooooooou fetter it!

3. Best Kind of Cock - no chorus but multiple allusions to sex

Sir Clement in a tunnel

Jeremy and Lex enjoy a brisk summer walk in the glorious wonderland that is Toronto, July 2011.

Sir Clement at Toronto Pride 2011

Sir Clement bask in the rays of goodwill emanating from the masses at Toronto Pride, July 2011. That's Lynne T on tambourine. What a woman.

Jeremy Singer prepares dictaphone compilation

Over the last few years, Hank frontman Jeremy Singer has recorded hundreds of hours of dictaphone recordings: sketches, improvisations, personal musings and ansamachine messages. These initmate analogue excerpts are now in the process of being handpicked for the upcoming Cab Williamson presents 'Dictabeat, volumes 1-9', soon to be available via mail order. There will be a strictly limited edition box set of CDs and dictaphone cassettes as well as yer precious mp3s as a free download. This is a rare instance where the limitations of mp3 audio work in favour of the material. All the recordings are hissy and in mono and sound like ghostly echoes of memory. Perfect for your early morning gym workout, what?

Anyone here from myspace?

Fuck you, Murdoch.

Southern Charles is alive and well and living in pyjamas

Our fine friends over in Blighty, Learn To Swim, recently released an exclusive Acid Wilhelm remix of the Southern Charles B-side and soon-to-be-released Hank LP cut The Lights Inside. It is eerie and spectacular. Go here to download it. Download the first 10 Southern Charles singles right here. And here is a Southern Charles tune which is called 'Playah' for some reason. What is he saying? What are you hearing? Southern would love to know: southerncharles@weepingtruckers.com

Exclusive Plot video here! This song was voted Favourite Hank Song About Graves in an online poll recently

Directed by Victoria Kent. Taken from The Luck of the Singers. WATCH IT!


Gnomebody Gnomes 'All Movements Go Too Far'

Wondrous debut single inspired by Bertrand Russell. Recorded at Truckers HQ in early 2012 by Jeremy Charles Singer who also edited the video.

A Memorable Tribute to a Brave Failure

Cab Williamson has vanished. We haven't seen him in ages. The last words he said to us were "See you next Tuesday".

Whatever Happened to the Forster Appeal Video Remix!

Here is a video remix of the previously unreleased Sick Wife Elizabeth Mix of Whatever Happened to the Forster Appeal? Compare and contrast with the original video for added fun times.


Weeping Truckers Upcoming Releases

Hank - Showers of Happiness/Hank Play Rave Anthems of the 1990s (strictly limited handmade CDR edition/download)

Jeremy Charles Singer - Cab Williamson presents 'Dictabeat' volumes 1-9 (strictly limited dictaphone cassette edition/download)

Southern Charles - Living Between Peacocks and Bones

The PPLMDLLLs - The Fuck Album (reissue)

We imagine these will be available sometime in 2012 or 2013 or thereabouts unless you want to give us a load of money to speed up the process. Didn't think so.


Over the course of thirteen weeks (OK, two years), we issued digital singles of unreleased recordings. Here they all are:

#1 HANK - Le Garcon/Who Made The Song (version incidentale)

#2 SOUTHERN CHARLES - Belief & Non-Belief (version 1)/Belief & Non-Belief (version 4)

#3 SIR CLEMENT - Do You See The Love In My Eyes?/Do It Now

#4 SOUTHERN CHARLES - Your Memories Replaced Mine/HANK - Raggledy Road

#5 HANK - Sugar Mound (early version)/JEREMY SINGER - mygiyoi

#6 THE BIG BAD SWAN - Second/HANK - She Is The Ball Rolling (early version)

#7 HANK - John's Gone (midi demo)/Claire Danes

#8 JOHN PINE COFFIN - Coffin Man/HANK - Dante's Hair

#9 HANK - Dieselinstra/ CAB WILLIAMSON - Second Strings

#10 SOUTHERN CHARLES - A Phantom/CAB WILLIAMSON - Never Gonna Cry Again

#11 HANK - Whatever Happened To The Forster Appeal? (Sick Wife Elizabeth Mix)/Whatever Happened To The Forster Appeal? (Live At The Bookshelf, Guelph)

#12 SOUTHERN CHARLES - I Started The Fire Which Burned Down The School/JAMES BROWN - Living In America (Southern Charles mix)

#13 CAB WILLIAMSON - Ferox (original demo)/HANK - Car Crash


Weeping Truckers alumni directs Mantler video

This is the sort-of-new video by Hank member Christopher A Cummings a.k.a. Mantler: 'I Guarantee You A Good Time' co-directed by Jeremy Charles Singer and Chris. Filmed in the tropical climes of East Toronto and Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. This song was awarded the coveted BBC 6Music Record of the Week. Jolly good show, Christopher!


'Slabcake' from our English cousins Learn to Swim

Learn to Swim Recordings recorded four quite excellent podcasts recently featuring an eclectic selection of the weird and wonderful. Show 3 contains an exclusive 13-minute suite of Living Between Peacocks and Bones by Southern Charles and there is some Hank scattered amongst all four programs. Go here to listen: http://learntoswimrecordings.co.uk/broadcasts.htm




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