All these songs are available on the latest Hank record.


Super 8 by Jeremy Charles Singer. Filmed in Toronto and Kitchener. Featuring Krista Blake with a pepsi ball in a stocking and footage of Hank 2010.

Welcome To Wales

Super 8 animation by Jeremy Charles Singer. Beautiful vocals by Christopher Cummings.

Open Station, Lines OK

Mirrored trains galore!

You Never Really Let Go Of The Past

Featuring the marvellous Robert Dayton (July 4th Toilet, The Canadian Romantic, Canned Hammm, New Horizzzons, Points Grey, etc.).


Act It Out

Starring our beloved Magali Meagher and her daughter Esmé.


Four Questions

Featuring Jeremy and Jeremy at the squash club.



Can You Cry? is now available on bandcamp. This is a collection of demos, early versions and odds & sods, initially available as a free CD with unique cover in early copies of The Luck of the Singers and limited to 35 copies. Click the covers to take you to bandcamp.

Weeping Truckers Upcoming Releases

The Peaceful Coexistence of Animals - #3-#11

Hank - Torschlusspanik digital E.P. of rare cuts

Jeremy Charles Singer - Cab Williamson presents 'Dictabeat' volumes 1-9 (strictly limited dictaphone cassette edition/download)

Southern Charles - Living Between Peacocks and Bones

The PPLMDLLLs - The Fuck Album (reissue)

We imagine these will be available sometime between 2021 and 2030 or thereabouts unless you want to give us a load of time and money to speed up the process. Didn't think so.


Links to those we love

Have a gander at these WT-approved sites. You've got some time, doncha?

Learn to Swim - Tons of free, downloadable gems. A must for fans of Radiophonic Workshop, Ghost Box, electronica, etc. Also featuring the entire recorded output of pre-Hank Cab Williamson project Cab Williamson's Waxworks. But best to avoid that and concentrate on the rest of the site, wethinks.

Marker Starling - THE MAN, THE LEGEND

Gnomebody Gnomes - Kitchener, Ontario's premier hippyster female duo featuring the irrepressibly talented Krista Blake and Victoria Kent.

Ye Olde Syrup Shoppe - The most excellent Victoria Kent (see above) has also finally unleashed her wondrous pop songs.

ubuweb - Bloody amazing selection of avant-garde stuff

Smash Hits archive - Every issue of the greatest pop magazine of all time

Oblique Strategies - A little pick-me-up should you be staring with despair into the void

Popular - Brilliant reviews of every UK number 1 single

Gnomebody Gnomes 'All Movements Go Too Far'

Wondrous debut single by Krista Blake and Victoria Kent inspired by Bertrand Russell. Recorded at Truckers HQ in early 2012 by Jeremy Charles Singer who also edited the video.


A Memorable Tribute to a Brave Failure

Cab Williamson has vanished. We haven't seen him in ages. The last words he said to us were "See you next Tuesday".



Over the course of thirteen weeks (OK, two years), we issued digital singles of unreleased recordings. Here they all are:

#1 HANK - Le Garcon/Who Made The Song (version incidentale)

#2 SOUTHERN CHARLES - Belief & Non-Belief (version 1)/Belief & Non-Belief (version 4)

#3 SIR CLEMENT - Do You See The Love In My Eyes?/Do It Now

#4 SOUTHERN CHARLES - Your Memories Replaced Mine/HANK - Raggledy Road

#5 HANK - Sugar Mound (early version)/JEREMY SINGER - mygiyoi

#6 THE BIG BAD SWAN - Second/HANK - She Is The Ball Rolling (early version)

#7 HANK - John's Gone (midi demo)/Claire Danes

#8 JOHN PINE COFFIN - Coffin Man/HANK - Dante's Hair

#9 HANK - Dieselinstra/ CAB WILLIAMSON - Second Strings

#10 SOUTHERN CHARLES - A Phantom/CAB WILLIAMSON - Never Gonna Cry Again

#11 HANK - Whatever Happened To The Forster Appeal? (Sick Wife Elizabeth Mix)/Whatever Happened To The Forster Appeal? (Live At The Bookshelf, Guelph)

#12 SOUTHERN CHARLES - I Started The Fire Which Burned Down The School/JAMES BROWN - Living In America (Southern Charles mix)

#13 CAB WILLIAMSON - Ferox (original demo)/HANK - Car Crash

About Weeping Truckers

WT is a creative outlet, mostly masquerading as an olde thyme record label, run by a man called Jeremy Charles Singer who appears in various projects, including Hank and Sir Clement.

For a full list of recordings by Hank, please go here. A more complete discography will appear once we have vetted all the potential interns.

Comments and donation offers here:


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Featuring 5 mixes/versions of 'Do You See...?' plus one remix of The Lights Inside. Available to download/stream on bandcamp. Also on the regular streaming channels.


Six song collection of previously released rarities: 1. Be True To Your School 2. Me and My Daddy Are Walking in the Desert 3. Teardrops 4. Exclusive Plot - Demonstration #1 5. Baby's Bible 6. In the Middle of Crying

Release date: Friday May 7th 2021


We know, we know! We have been going on about this recording for almost two friggin' decades but it is now available!

There is a STRICTLY LIMITED TO 10 cassette edition with reversible inlay featuring an exclusive Side 2 'Rave Anthems (annexe)' containing outtakes from the Rave Anthems recording sessions which includes a Sebadoh cover sung by Victoria Kent.

Hank Play Rave Anthems Of The 1990s is available from bandcamp right now! Also available on all streaming services.


Originally credited to Beige Popsicle, 'Panic Attack Generation' is now a Hank release. It is the lead track of a 5-song E.P. OUT NOW! Track listing:

1. Panic Attack Generation

2. In The Days Before The Internet

3. The Onward Stance

4. House Hums

5. Barnacle Of Lows

Available for download at bandcamp, streaming on all yer regular hangouts.

Hank members Krista and Jeremy played a couple of shows in 2018 as Beige Popsicle.


You can now listen to Hank on your preferred streaming service. Bandcamp accepts donations if you would like to help support this project.


3 Nines Cassettes have produced a delightful tape version of the beloved first two Hank LPs. ONLY 20 OR SO IN EXISTENCE! You can snag one here.


Showers of Happiness (2015), the 4th Hank long player

Recorded between 2007 & 2013 at various spaces in Toronto, mixed and mastered by Norman Blake at Spaghetti, Kitchener, artwork by Rowan Blake, all songs written and produced by Jeremy Charles Singer

'Showers of Happiness' is available for purchase, download and streaming at

Want to book Hank?:

Sir Clement - Can't Count Corn E.P. is available for free download (see below). Also, here is the critically-acclaimed promotional film for the eponymous number.


Download Can't Count Corn E.P, as a 3-song zip file right here.

Or, if you are picky, you can select the individual numbers:

1. Can't Count Corn - Chorus: I can't count corn I can't count corn I can't count corn I can't

2. You Fetter It - Chorus: Yooooooou fetter it! Yooooooou fetter it!

3. Best Kind of Cock - no chorus but multiple allusions to sex

Sir Clement in a tunnel

Jeremy and Lex enjoy a brisk summer walk in the glorious wonderland that is Toronto, July 2011.

Sir Clement at Toronto Pride 2011

Sir Clement bask in the rays of goodwill emanating from the masses at Toronto Pride, July 2011. That's Lynne T on tambourine. What a woman.

Why Are You Smiling?

So many people are sitting around me, I will lay myself right down enveloped in body warmth. I look around, I see your smiling faces looking at me. My sister holds out her hand. She says, “Let’s go and jump on the trampolene, we can bounce up and down.” We can bounce up and down. We take our shoes off and run to the back yard, climb on up to begin.

And when we’re bold we increase in size, when we are open, we will be wise. The smiles on our faces are our disguise.

In the inner reaches of outer space we are never home .

Hank live at The Yeti

Here is a video of a Hank solo performance at Kitchener's premier hotspot The Yeti recorded in 2013. A version of this song will appear on the endlessly rumoured album Hank Play Rave Anthems of the 1990s.

Whatever Happened to the Forster Appeal Video Remix!

Here is a video remix of the previously unreleased Sick Wife Elizabeth Mix of Whatever Happened to the Forster Appeal? Compare and contrast with the original video for added fun times.



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